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Pig Tusk and Hoof Trimming

Veterinarians at Herd Health Management are experienced with hoof and tusk trimming. Both male and female pigs do grow tusks. Luckily, if your pig is spayed or neutered, tusk growth is greatly slowed. Tusks can be dangerous to other animals and family members even if your pig is not aggressive. Herd Health veterinarians can trim the tusks on a schedule that fits the unique growth of your pigs tusks. Sedation or anesthesia options are available for the comfort of your pig while the procedure is occurring.

Pigs require regular care for their hoofs. This is important for maintaining their health. Herd Health veterinarians have been trained on the anatomy of pigs hoof and provide hoof trimming services on a regular schedule to fit the needs of your pig friend. The frequency of your pigs hoof trimming is dependant on several factors, including nutrition, genetics and environment. Your pigs veterinarian can offer sedation or anesthesia if required for the comfort of your pig during trimming procedures.

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