Arizona Pig neuters

Arizona Pig neuters

Arizona Pig neuters


It is important to neuter your pig family member. This is because intact males, as they get older, have an increase in hormones in their blood. This will cause changes in their behavior which will be difficult for their families. They will become very aggressive and have a tendency to molest family members, furniture and toys. Their hormones will drive them to roam farther from home looking for a mate. Intact male pig tusks will grow faster than neutered male pigs. These can be dangerous weapons. Be prepared for the exotic odors your male pig will make. They have a tendency to mark areas with urine, which has a very strong smell.

Male pigs should be neutered as young as possible. Male pigs mature at an early age so it is recommended they be neutered between 3 to 8 weeks of age. Male pigs over 8 weeks of age have the potential to produce litters with an intact female, so it is best to fix them early. It is also much easier for the male to be fixed when younger. The surgery is less difficult and invasive. Herd Health Management veterinarians are skilled surgeons with experience neutering male pigs of all sizes, but earlier is better!

Please ask your pig’s surgeon what they recommend on feeding and giving water to your pig prior to surgery.

At Herd Health Management we utilize gas anesthesia to perform castration surgery on male pigs. We can use injectable anesthesia if it is deemed necessary, however gas anesthesia is preferred for safety reasons. Your pig will be receiving tranquilizer drugs to help calm it prior to surgery, then it will receive gas anesthesia to help it sleep. Our technician will have monitoring equipment on your pig to ensure it is healthy and performing well during its surgical procedure. We monitor heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature frequently during its procedure.

Surgery for your male pig can be complicated if the pig is overweight.


Your pig’s surgeon will perform the surgery using the best technique for your pig, based on his unique body style, age and circumstance. If your pig does not have both testicles in the scrotum, your surgeon will be able to perform an abdominal surgery and remove the missing testicle. This is considered a complication and is a more invasive surgery. Your pig’s surgeon will close the inguinal ring during the surgery to prevent a hernia, where the intestines could slip through to where the testicles were.

Your pig will receive pain mediation drugs and antibiotics after the procedure is over to help your pigs recovery.


When surgery is completed, your pig will need a small, quiet, darker area away from other animals to help it recover. Being away from other animals will help it to be calm. Ensure your pigs bedding is clean and dry. Your pig’s surgeon will let you know if there are any medications needed to be given in the days after surgery.

Food should be offered after several hours post-surgery. Be patient and give your pig time to gain its appetite back. Offer small portions. Feeding easily digestible foods such as canned pumpkin, applesauce, yogurt, cottage cheese, peanut butter and fruits such as watermelon and cucumber will help keep up your pigs appetite.

Regular feeding can begin the day after surgery. Younger pigs recover more quickly, so please keep your pig’s age in mind for recovery time.

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