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Mesa is located in the eastern portion of Maricopa County. Mesa borders Tempe, the Salt River-Pima Maricopa Indian reservation, Chandler, Gilbert, Apache Junction and Queen Creek.

As a suburb of Phoenix, it’s interesting to note that it is the 3rd largest city in Arizona and the 35th largest in the country! Mesa has grown quite a lot since its founding in 1878. From a small town only one mile square with a few hundred settlers, to a thriving metropolis with over 500,000 residents!

Mesa has a great history of agriculture. The Hohokam people built the original canal system found in the Mesa area. American settlers arrived and used the original canals as the basis of their irrigation systems. As late as 1960, half of the population of Mesa still was involved in the agricultural industry.

Mesa had many farms in past years. Most of the farming lands are now housing for Mesa’s larger population.

Mesa was a center of agriculture in Arizona. There were many farms producing cotton and food grains. Citrus groves were found throughout the city and there were 17 different citrus packing plants. That has changed much over the years. That number became zero when Sunkist closed its doors in 2010.

Mesa had several dairy farms scattered around the city during its growth. Now, the only dairies left in Mesa are the ones grouped around Elliot road in South East Mesa.

Mesa was well represented in the 5 C’s of Arizona. We had cattle, climate, cotton and citrus. Only missing out on copper! It is a great legacy for the city!

Today many people reside in Mesa and are involved in many activities. Many residents have livestock species such as pigsa>, goats, chickens and cows they care for.

At Herd Health Management, we love working with you to serve your livestock needs! We service the entire Mesa area with comprehensive veterinary services. Herd Health Management can help consult on proper housing for your livestock family. HHM can provide information and advice on the proper nutrition for your pet. We can provide wellness exams for your pet. Herd Health veterinarians will visit your home and exam your pet for any signs of illness and provide consultation on your pet's care. Proper vaccination scheduling can be provided. Herd Health Management Veterinarians will give you a vaccine program that is tailored to you unique circumstances. Routine services including hoof trimming and tusk trimming are provided as well.

Herd Health Management also provides surgical services for livestock species. Surgery services including spay and neuter/castration, hernia repair, dehorning and others. Herd Health has gas anesthesia in addition to injectable anesthesia available. This gives greater flexibility to choose what is best for your pet. Cautery is available as well. This is very useful to help prevent complications from bleeding post-surgery.

Herd Health has an in-house laboratory providing blood chemistry and complete blood count results for rapid diagnostic analysis of your livestock issues. Fecal counts are run daily in the lab to provide information to help you decide the proper schedule for deworming your livestock pet. Our lab is highly experienced in milk quality analysis for your goat, cow or other livestock species.

Call today and make an appointment to meet with one of our experienced veterinarians! They love working in Mesa, Arizona with your livestock family!