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He's just the system administrator

Praetor Brian Simper

Brian manages the website for Herd Health Management and keeps their network and desktop computer computers running. He has cleared up several notable malware infections and took away admin accesss for certain desktop users. These abilities gives him privileges like being able to write his own bio and assign himself an imperial Roman rank with no oversight whatsoever.

Brian has a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Arizona State University and went on to take training in CEH, CISSP, Red Hat Certified Engineer, Microsoft Administration, Splunk, and getting Gold Ranked in competitive Starcraft II that one year he was being a bigger slacker than usual.

Most of the time Brian is looking at incoming traffic at a large financial institution then putting in restrictions to stop that foolishness. Usually, he is rolling his eyes at the pathetic scans that certain entities have been pointing at those web servers. He is happiest when he is on a command line bending a computer to his will.

When he is not bending Apache, HTML, PHP, SQL, Python, Splunk SPL, and Bash to his will, he simulates conquering known space, thwarting evil, and bending civilization to his will. When asked for comment, he said "Deus Vult" and smiled ominously.

reality is that which when you stop believing in it, it doesn't go away
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