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West Nile Information for Pinal and Maricopa Counties

Mosquitoes in Casa Grande AZ


The first case of West Nile infected mosquitoes of 2019 was found in Pinal. County officials have not announced what part of the county the infected mosquitoes were found, but emphasized that they can be found anywhere in the county.

From the article by Jim Headley:
The health district urges people to prevent their exposure to mosquitoes altogether by using the following guidelines:

This new find in Pinal County is in addition to the infected mosquitos found in Maricopa County so far. A report on Fox 10 from Wednesday showed that unlike 2018, when 138 samples were positive in Maricopa County, so far in 2019 there are 240 positive samples.

More information can be found at:
Mosquitoes in Your Neighborhood by Maricopa County.

West Nile virus is transmitted via mosquitos from birds, which are the reservoir hosts, to other mammal species including humans and horses, which can show clinical signs of infection.

Symptoms of West Nile virus in horses can include fever, lameness, depression, decrease in appetite and lethargy. If you see any symptoms such as these in your horses, they should be seen right away by your veterinarian.

Talk to one of our veterinarians at Herd Health Management about what vaccines are available for your horses and which would be the most appropriate for your situation.