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Dr. Brownlee Loves Goats!

Dr. Brownlee with HHM was examining little Rocky. He had a little lice he was treated for, she evaluated his ability to eat and drink, and took some videos of his ability or lack thereof to walk. He does have some feeling in his legs, he might not need a wheelchair.

We will know more after she discusses with her colleagues to assess the best treatment plan for him. For now I will be introducing a alfalfa mash with warm goat milk which he is resisting and getting a smaller nipple for his bottle. He needs to put on some weight, but she seems hopeful he will do just fine with proper care.

In the meanwhile it will be a couple more weeks for Scooters prosthetic legs which are still in process of being made!

Dr. Brownlee will be coming back out next Thursday to do a surgery on Zoe (Zobe's mom) who has a prolapse and will be sedating Milton Burro for a hoof trim, and possible surgery on Samantha's cow's blind eye which continues to swell up unexplainably.

I am very grateful to our fairy godmother angel (you know who you are) who sent us some funds last night through paypal so we can get all these things done.