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Keeping Animals Safe In The Arizona Summer

Water is critical during the summer. Normally goats and Sheep drink one to two gallons a day of water. During the summer months this can increase greatly. Make sure there is access to water in a shaded area. Algae will grow quickly in water placed in direct sunshine. Clean the water buckets if contaminated. Goats and sheep will not drink as much water if it is not clean and cool. You might need to clean and change the water buckets more often to ensure your sheep and goats drink enough.

People don’t like being in the direct sun, and neither do goats. Shade is very important to for their protection. A big shade tree is great. If not, even a simple structure with shade cloth to provide relief from the sun is adequate. Make sure it’s big enough to shade comfortably all your animals at the same time.

Whatever you have available, remember to keep the area clean and dry. Your animals ones will be spending much time around there and dirty, messy areas can lead to health problems such as foot problems, pneumonia and sores. Dehydration is a dangerous problem in the summer. If any of your little ones have diarrhea, they are at risk for dehydration.

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