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Dr. Alyn McClure, DVM
Dr. McClure graduated from University of California, Davis in 1974. He has been with Herd Health Management for the past 40+ years and is one of the owners of the practice. Dr. McClure is well known for his expertise in bovine mastitis. He regularly conducts milking schools (in both Spanish and English) to educate farm employees about the importance of proper milk handling. He has also been published in several journals including the Journal of Dairy Science, National Mastitis Proceedings and Journal of Biochemistry.

Dr. McClure also provides in-state as well as out of state commercial dairy consultation on milking practices, herd health management and disease prevention.

Dr. McClure is a current member of the Academy of Dairy Veterinary Consultants, American Association of Bovine Practitioners, American Dairy Science Association, American Veterinary Medical Association, Arizona Veterinary Medical Association, National Mastitis Council and Society for Theriogenology.

In Dr. McClure's spare time he enjoys participating in activities with the Boy Scouts of America where he acts as district program and training committee chairman, coaching youth baseball and soccer, and participating in his church as a youth group leader.
Dr. Larry Lunt, DVM
Dr. Lunt graduated from Colorado State University in 1979, with a special focus in herd animal medicine. Dr. Lunt is one of the owners of Herd Health Management. Dr. Lunt is an active member of AABP, AVMA, and the Society of Theriogenology. Dr. Lunt is currently licensed in both Arizona and Colorado.

Dr. Lunt works predominantly with cattle (both dairy and beef), and has a special interest in developing ovsynch programs and preventative medicine. He is also involved in coordinating on farm training for farm employees on reproductive performance, milker schools, AI schools, calf hygiene and general farm hygiene.

Dr. Lunt is also a supporter fo 4H and FFA programs in the East Valley high schools. Dr. Lunt enjoys spending his free time with his family, which includes his 6 children, 27 grandchildren, and his beautiful wife Doris. He also enjoys volunteering for the Boy Scouts of America, where he is an assistant scoutmaster. Dr. Lunt enjoys hiking and camping with scout groups. Dr. Lunt's family owns Lunt Dairy in Duncan, where they milk 600 head, raise 450 beef cows, and farm 150 acres.
Dr. Neil Holmes, DVM
Dr. Holmes graduated from University of California, Davis in 1999 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree with a food animal medicine emphasis. He worked at Lander Veterinary Clinic in Turlock, California from 1999-2005, before coming to Herd Health Management in March of 2005.

Dr. Holmes is currently licensed in Arizona, California, Idaho, and Utah. Dr. Holmes is a current member of the AVMA, AABP, AASV, and AASRP.

In practice Dr. Holmes is interested in food animal medicine and population health. He predominately works with dairy cattle and swine, but has recently expanded into doing beef cattle, goats/sheep and show stock work.

Dr. Holmes enjoys assisting with livestock shows and has been the show veterinarian for the Arizona National Livestock Show in 2015.

In Dr. Holmes free time he enjoys wood working and spending time with his family.
Dr. James Kennedy, DVM
Dr. Kennedy graduated from University of California, Davis in 1997 with his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Kennedy has been with Herd Health Management for 19 years. In practice he enjoys working with dairy cattle and has a special interest in reproductive programs and calf programs, working on dairies in both Arizona and New Mexico.

Dr. Kennedy is currently licensed in Arizona and New Mexico, and is a current member of the AVMA and AABP.

In Dr. Kennedy's spare time he enjoys learning about the history of WWII and has a special interest in the Pacific theater of operations. Dr. Kennedy is very family oriented and enjoys spending time with his wife and children doing family activities, traveling or being outdoors and camping.
Dr. Christina Brownlee, DVM
Dr. Brownlee graduated from Michigan State University. She has a special interest in small ruminants and is an active member of the American Association of Small Ruminant Practitioners. Additionally Dr. Brownlee sees many other large animals, including dairy and beef cattle, pigs, horses, llamas, and farm dogs and cats.

In her free time Dr. Brownlee enjoys hiking, horseback riding and spending time with her two dogs.

Special interests include:
  • Small ruminant medicine/reproduction
  • Equine reproduction
  • Equine dentistry
  • Dairy cattle breeding/reproduction
Jeanette Kennedy, LVT
Jeanette graduated from Brigham Young University (BYU) in 1992 with a Veterinary Technology degree. She spent 3 years as a small animal veterinary technician, before coming to work for Herd Health. Jeanette has been with Herd Health Management for 10 years and works as the laboratory manager for the mastitis and large animal diagnostic laboratory.

Jeanette does a multitude of in-house laboratory work, including milk culturing on individual and bulk tank samples, to help identify appropriate antibiotic treatments and control contagious pathogen spread. Additionally, she also prepares samples for shipment to diagnostic labs, conducts in house fecal exams, blood smear analysis and gram staining with bacteria identification on samples.

In her free time she enjoys crocheting, reading and taking care of her 6 children.
Pam Stressman, Office Manager
Pam Stressman grew up in Tucson, and graduated from the University of Arizona with an education degree. Pam taught junior high and high school physical education for six years.

She was the owner of Desert Pork Producers until 1998.

Pam has worked for Herd Health Management for over 20 years.

In her spare time she plays handbells and sings in the church choir. Other hobbies include crocheting, gardening, and playing volleyball.
Ed Stressman, Business Manager
Ed Stressman graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in animal science.

He served in the United States Army.

Ed was a partner in Pioneer Pork Producers and owner of Desert Pork Producers until 1998 when he joined Herd Health Management as Business Manager.

In his spare time he enjoys singing in the church choir, reading, and playing/reffing volleyball.