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Cattle Services Provided
No matter the size of your herd, Herd Health Management provides services for all beef and dairy cattle in the valley. We provide safe and efficient cattle handling to minimize stress during veterinary procedures. We also have a comprehensive supply of veterinary products.
General Health
  • Bovine wellness exams
  • Vaccination protocol development
  • General blood work
  • Fecal exams and deworming protocols
  • Health certificate (interstate & international)
  • Bovine pregnancy exams: as early as 32 days after conception
  • Bovine ultrasound pregnancy exams w/ fetal sexing
  • Ovsynch programs w/ timed artificial insemination
  • Breeding soundness exams
  • Semen collection & storage
On-Farm Dairy Management
  • Proper milk handling/sampling training
  • Full bovine mastitis laboratory
  • Herd evaluation: farm evaluations through farm program
  • Milking protocol evaluation/training: spanish and english
  • Herd vaccination protocols
  • Computer record evaluation and software development for DHI Plus & DC305
  • Dehorning: routine and cosmetic
  • C-section
  • LDA/RDA surgery
  • Enucleation
  • Castrations